Pre-K & Trans-K

At this exciting level of development, the young child transfers what he has experienced to a new and more challenging world with more centers, more choices and more expectations. An emerging literacy and mathematics curriculum communicated through themes, projects and special activities  invites children into a new world of ideas and possibilities that is something like but also quite different from what they have experienced in the past. Academic areas of the program become more formalized. To prepare children for the next step, teachers become facilitators for learning. Language, math, the arts, social studies, and science are not only woven through themes, but also very evident in learning activities that are more goal-centered.  Our Level 2 programs are supplemented by well-regarded curricula such as Everyday Mathematics (UniversityofChicago), Handwriting Without Tears, and Primary Phonics.  In a Level 2 environment, a teacher:

  • Is continuously evaluating and enriching an environment;
  • Is prepared and ready to teach the young child through multiple experiences in literacy and language development, the arts, theme-centered  projects, math, science, physical education, creative play and field trips within the immediate and larger community;
  • Provides hands-on and real-world experiences in mathematics and literacy;
  • Offers children a wide-range of learning experiences to respond to varied learning styles;
  • Presents exciting, integrated themes reinforced by in-depth projects;
  • Encourages children to think and to solve problems;
  • Encourages children to work and to learn together.

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Parent Testimonials

Our daughter started at Georgetown Hill Woodley Gardens at age 3--ten years ago now. We chose the GHES program because the facility looked great--it was spotless, sunny, and cozy. Even better were the teachers who seemed to truly adore children. What really sold us was when we asked about outdoor playtime and were told that they children were outside playing and exploring as much as possible--we knew it was the right fit for us. Two years after our daughter began, our son joined the preschool ranks. We enjoyed another three years of wonderful school traditions: Thanksgiving lunch, trunk-or-treating, Vehicle Day, and more. After starting kindergarten, both children attended GHES school-age summer camps for years - coming home with tales of amazing field trips and in-house performers, new friends, fun cooking projects, and lots of swimming and outdoor fun. Most recently, our 7th grader has performed service learning hours back at the place we all still feel is "home" - the Georgetown Hill preschool program. Ten years from when she first entered the door, a toddler in a princess dress, she returned as a teenager to a building full of people who remember her, welcome her, and provide the best role models possible for how to nurture a child from toddlerhood through the teen years. Thank you, Georgetown Hill teachers and staff, for so many wonderful memories!

Our family discovered GHES by chance even though it is not in our immediate neighborhood. We were looking for a place for our first child -a 2 year old (now a flourishing kindergartener) - to blossom. Our first gut reaction after visiting was right... It is a well rounded, loving, and encouraging environment for a toddler to develop cognitively and socially. GHES provides a developmentally appropriate, creative, well thought out, yet flexible and balanced curriculum focused on play, learning, arts, and nurturing.
The teachers seem to genuinely enjoy their time with the children and are in touch with each individual child's needs. By the time our first child was half way through pre-K, we knew she was well prepared for Kindergarten and on her way to becoming a successful student and friend. We truly feel like we are part of the Georgetown Hill family.

Georgetown Hill is a very special place. It’s a place where parents leave their children in the most loving and caring hands. The staff is exceptional and brilliant in their teaching methods. They are truly dedicated to helping children achieve their full potential in a loving environment. My children felt special every single day and that they could achieve anything. I was so fortunate to have all three of my children at Georgetown Hill and I will always be thankful to the special teachers at Georgetown Hill.

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