Pre-K & Trans-K

At this exciting level of development, the young child transfers what he has experienced to a new and more challenging world with more centers, more choices and more expectations. An emerging literacy and mathematics curriculum communicated through themes, projects and special activities  invites children into a new world of ideas and possibilities that is something like but also quite different from what they have experienced in the past. Academic areas of the program become more formalized. To prepare children for the next step, teachers become facilitators for learning. Language, math, the arts, social studies, and science are not only woven through themes, but also very evident in learning activities that are more goal-centered.  Our Level 2 programs are supplemented by well-regarded curricula such as Everyday Mathematics (UniversityofChicago), Handwriting Without Tears, and Primary Phonics.  In a Level 2 environment, a teacher:

  • Is continuously evaluating and enriching an environment;
  • Is prepared and ready to teach the young child through multiple experiences in literacy and language development, the arts, theme-centered  projects, math, science, physical education, creative play and field trips within the immediate and larger community;
  • Provides hands-on and real-world experiences in mathematics and literacy;
  • Offers children a wide-range of learning experiences to respond to varied learning styles;
  • Presents exciting, integrated themes reinforced by in-depth projects;
  • Encourages children to think and to solve problems;
  • Encourages children to work and to learn together.

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Parent Testimonials

There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for Georgetown Hill! Our son was approaching his 2nd birthday and my husband and I felt it was the best time for him to get more socialization and help boost his speech since he was behind in that area. We asked our friends for recommendations and more than one friend gave us the name of Georgetown Hill. We looked at three different campuses (which were all wonderful), but finally settled on Woodley Gardens for the convenience of their location. My husband and I were extremely nervous because our son had been in the care of my mother up until then and was not always great with people he was not familiar with. On the very first day of school, we were able to put all of our fears and worries to rest. The Director, Melanie Morillo was a warm, friendly face as she had originally given me the tour and she went above and beyond to ease our nerves with a photo of our smiling son shortly after I had dropped him off. Ms. Allie and Ms. Benjie in the Two’s classroom were his teachers and they could not have been any more loving and caring to our son and to us! We felt our precious baby was in the next best hands and was being cared for with genuine love and affection. Since that day, our son has FLOURISHED in so many different aspects. I am always amazed with what he has learned! Now he is in the Three’s classroom with Ms. Fiorella and Ms. Sharon (who we also love dearly!) and truly enjoys every day he spends there. It’s not easy to be a working parent, but knowing that your baby is in the very best hands possible is an immense comfort. I’m so grateful that I can go to work and know that my son is learning new things every day and making friends and growing into the best little man he can be! Our second son will begin at Georgetown Hill this summer and our third son will attend in the future as well! I would recommend Georgetown Hill to any parent!

liz Pilatuna-Andrade

I found GHES in the Fall of 2002. My son and I had just moved from Savannah and I was struggling to find a school that was comparable to the lovely, early school he attended in Georgia. Darnestown, Potomac, North Potomac, Gaithersburg- I went to every early school in the area and did not feel a connection and or comfortable until I walked in to the Woodley campus of GH. A piano was playing in the background, Ms. Melanie was dressed up like a dog and painting faces, children were happy and busy playing, crafts and art lined the halls and there was a diverse, loving staff interacting with the children. I had found my sons new school.
GHES is not just a school- it is a supportive and caring community. My son went through pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade and had they provided grades through junior high- we would have stayed. John LOVED school, adored his teachers and to this day has close friends as a result of his years at GH. Through GH I too made wonderful friends and felt unbelievably supported by the staff and families, which was really important to me as I am a single parent. In 2012 I was blessed with a 2nd child, Caleb, and when it was time to enroll him in day care so I could go back to work (without a moments hesitation) I contacted my friends at GH. Every day, I feel like I am dropping Caleb off with my family and I know he is loved and learning. I am amazed at the activities they have these children involved in at such an early age and am always impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and creativity of the staff. Once again, GH is our family school and if they offer grades through the elementary years- we will be enrolled. The school, camps, activities and support the GH community has afforded my family can only be described as a blessing. My oldest cherishes his memories and time at GH and I know my youngest son will as well. Love for learning and relationships that will last a lifetime await any family considering to join the GH community.

Andrea Lachin

Georgetown Hill is a very special place. It’s a place where parents leave their children in the most loving and caring hands. The staff is exceptional and brilliant in their teaching methods. They are truly dedicated to helping children achieve their full potential in a loving environment. My children felt special every single day and that they could achieve anything. I was so fortunate to have all three of my children at Georgetown Hill and I will always be thankful to the special teachers at Georgetown Hill.

Jessica Bejarano

Celebrating over a quarter century of service to the community!